Obesity Hub

We are very excited about our newest collaboration, “Heterogeneity in Obesity Creativity Hub: Transdisciplinary Approaches for Precision Research and Treatment,” a large collaborative project with 27 faculty from 16 departments, six schools, and five centers and institutes focused on understanding why two people who consume the same diets and exercise equally can have very different susceptibility to weight gain, with the aim of developing treatment approaches that go far beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach that is so common. Read about the Obesity Hub here: https://research.unc.edu/creativity-hubs/winners-2018/

We focus on three specific aims:

  1. Conduct parallel mouse and human studies  to determine whether  genomic, metabolomic, and microbial factors underlie heterogeneity in weight gain and weight loss.
  2. Implement a precision obesity Pplot in one UNC clinic with minute-by-minute glucose, diet, and activity monitoring and treatment to lay the foundation for precision obesity care at Carolina.
  3. Deliver a DATA TRANSLATOR app as a platform for precision obesity science and treatment to integrate genetic, metabolomic, and diet data.

Below is the Obesity Hub team:

Researcher Role School Department
Penny Gordon-Larsen PI/Steering SPH Nutrition
Vicki Bautch Co-I/Steering College Biology
Sriram Machineni Co-I/Steering SOM Endocrinology
Kari North Co-I/Steering SPH Epidemiology
Deb Tate Co-I/Steering SPH & SOM Nutrition/Health Behavior
Steve Zeisel Co-I/Steering SPH & SOM/ NRI Nutrition
Ana Bardone-Cone Co-I College Psychology
Kimon Divaris Co-I Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry
Sylvana Barros Co-I Dentistry Periodontology
John French Co-I NRI Nutrition
Diane Berry Co-I Nursing Nursing
Jennifer Leeman Co-I Nursing Nursing
Tim Wiltshire Co-I Pharmacy Pharmacogenomics
Craig Lee Co-I Pharmacy Pharmacotherapy
Stan Ahalt Co-I RENCI Computer Science
Annie Green Howard Co-I SPH Biostatistics
Christy Avery Co-I SPH Epidemiology
Leslie Lytle Co-I SPH Health Behavior
Sally Stearns Co-I SPH Health Policy Management
Rebecca Fry Co-I SPH Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Ian Carroll Co-I SPH & SOM Nutrition
Katie Meyer Co-I SPH & SOM/ NRI Nutrition
Steve Hursting Co-I SPH & SOM/ NRI Nutrition
Susan Sumner Co-I SPH & SOM/ NRI Nutrition
Elizabeth Frankenberg Advisory CPC Sociology
Ethan Basch Advisory Lineberger Hematology
Michael Kosorok Advisory SPH Biostatistics
John Buse Advisory NC TraCS Endocrinology
*SPH, Gillings School of Global Public Health; SOM, School of Medicine; NRI, Nutrition
 Research Institute; CPC, Carolina Population Center, RENCI, Renaissance Computing Institute;
 NC TraCS,  North Carolina Translational & Clinical Sciences Institute